Foundation season 2: everything we know so far

Key information

– No release date announced yet
– Filming underway on next installment
– Showrunner David S. Goyer helming season 2
– Main cast all set to return
– New cast members announced in February 2022
– Season 2 likely to focus on plot in Isaac Asimov’s first and second novels
– Sneak peek will be shown off at Comic-Con 2022

Foundation season 2 is on the way – we just don’t know much about it. The sci-fi series’ next installment is still in development but, without an update from Apple or any of its cast and crew, we’re unsure how far along the development pipeline it actually is.

Still, at least Foundation – one of the best Apple TV Plus shows – is getting a second season. Apple only tends to renew a series for more if it’s a significant hit, so Foundation’s creative team should take heart from that. Here’s hoping it winds up on Apple TV Plus sooner rather than later.

Starship Troopers is the perfect setting for this new co-op sci-fi shooter

Great news, citizen: developer Offworld Industries has announced a new co-op FPS based on the sci-fi dystopian setting of Starship Troopers, made famous by Paul Verhoeven’s 1997 cult classic of the same name.

Due in early access in 2023 for PC, Starship Troopers: Extermination promises a 12-player co-op experience where squads of grunts will take on hordes of bugs in large-scale, objective-oriented battles. Judging by the gameplay trailer, you can expect to use a wide variety of weapons and base building mechanics to keep humanity safe from the insectoid menace. It’s basically Fortnite, Left 4 Dead, and dastardly alien bugs all rolled into one.

Nvidia RTX 4090 hack could save you money and keep your cables from melting

Nvidia’s RTX 4090 could have its power usage tamed considerably while still delivering most of the performance you get at standard levels, according to some new tests.

quasarzone (opens in new tab) tests conducted (as signaled by hardware times (opens in new tab)) to check the frame rates the RTX 4090 managed across a selection of five games at 4K resolution (maximum details) on their out-of-the-box settings – and a power usage of 347W – before comparing to what the graphics card reached with the power limit manually adjusted downwards in steps.

These cheap wooden headphones got me pouring high quality audio

Given my job as an audio copywriter, it’s hardly a rare occurrence that a pair of new contenders for our best headphone roundup arrive on my desk and go over my head (for me – I don’t need a servant for everything). ) and continue to envelop me in a glorious sonic bubble for several hours.

At the end of those days, long after I’ve gone home, comes the inevitable yawn and sigh about how much these beautiful sonic servers cost. And then there’s the big decision: Do these cans warrant a delicate conversation with my bank manager – or indeed, my long-suffering fiance?

Sony is ready to capture motion in the metaverse, but only in Japan

Sony is experimenting with the metaverse with new motion capture devices known collectively as Mocopi.

Comprised of six color-coded sensors, the Mocopi system targets key parts of a person’s body (head, hips, wrists and ankles) using Velcro straps or a clip to capture movement via a dedicated smartphone app. With this technology, users can control an anime-style avatar in real time to create videos or hang out with people on supported metaverse services like VRChat🇧🇷 It’s similar to a big Hollywood-style motion capture system, but without dedicated equipment or operators. Sony hopes Mocopi will help content creators “involved in film and animation production” and facilitate development in key areas like fitness platforms, according to the announcement. (opens in new tab)

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Biggest Bug Isn’t What You Think

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are no strangers to bugs and glitches. However, the latest issue uncovered by players goes deeper than the occasional texture overflow.

Fans of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s competitive multiplayer have discovered an alarming flaw in the game’s PvP Battle Stadium. In short, it seems that every PvP battle in the stadium uses the same RNG (Random Number Generator) seed when generating random battle results.

The Elder Scrolls 6: everything we know so far

The Elder Scrolls 6 is surely one of the most anticipated games that’s set to come out. Understandably, fans have been waiting patiently for any information related to the Skyrim follow-up for years now, though Bethesda has been pretty quiet as of late. 

What we do know is that The Elder Scrolls 6 is in development, and that it will be the next release for Bethesda Game Studios after Starfield comes to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. There’s been a short teaser trailer as well, which might just hint to the game’s setting. Of course, there’s still plenty that we don’t know about The Elder Scrolls 6. A release date has yet to be revealed. In fact, we don’t even know which year Bethesda is aiming for. 

Apple’s App Store Awards 2022 brings VR surprises and hype into the year ahead

Apple has announced the winners of the 2022 App Store Awards, with BeReal – the new social platform that allows you to take and share a pair of photos (one from the front of your phone and one from the rear camera) every day, took the App from Award of the year this year.

O App Store Awards (opens in new tab) is an annual event where Apple recognizes developers and the apps they’ve created that have had the greatest impact on their users and the company. Whether it’s social media, gaming or sports, they take advantage of the hardware and software that Apple has recently released.

The Amazon Echo Show’s Mad Lib-like abilities are weird enough to make you want one

There could be an excellent reason to buy your family an Amazon Echo Show 5 Kids this season. And it all boils down to nonsense.

For decades, it was a time-honored tradition to drive cross country with just disorganized libraries (opens in new tab) to keep a family laughing and sane. Before digital, we had notebooks full of silly story structures. They were really just skeletons and the annotator enunciated page prompts that asked about a person, place, thing, animal, feeling, etc. The aim was to generate the most absurd story possible, which the assigned transcriber then read to the hysterical wails of the family.

Spotify Wrapped 2022 – when might it release and how do you see it?

Last year, Spotify Wrapped 2021 gave users of the music streaming service a chance to reminisce about everything they’ve listened to over the last 12 months – the good, the bad and the just plain weird. So when can we expect Spotify Wrapped 2022 to appear?

The annual summary of music picks should appear within the mobile app very soon – it’s not available in the web interface or the desktop apps – and it will be very hard to ignore it when it launches, not least because it will be everywhere on social media .