Beyerdynamic’s new wireless headphones are high quality ‘audible gems’ and I need them

Sound quality is paramount when it comes to headphones and that’s a fact – an unavoidable fact that pains me given the sonic mediocrity of some good looking audio products. But wouldn’t it be nice if we could have Sonic and aesthetic shine in headphones?

Meet Beyerdynamic’s new second-generation Xelento, gloriously shiny headphones that wouldn’t look out of place in high-end jewelry stores. Add to that Beyerdynamic’s enviable track record in excellent audiophile headphones (look at our Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless or DT 770 Studio/Pro reviews for reference) and their first Free Byrd wireless headphones (which hit the market in July with a look, I fell in love right away) and you have a good idea of ​​what Beyerdynamic is.

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