Ethereum Miners Spent $15 Billion on GPUs in the Last Two Years

Ethereum miners have spent $15 billion on GPUs over the past year and a half, with that figure being higher when considering other parts like CPUs, PSUs and chassis.

The report originally comes from analysts at Bitpro Consulting, who Bloomberg reported and our friends in Tom’s Hardware identified. It appears that Ethereum miners may have depleted around 10% of the total GPU supply during the last couple of years’ cryptocurrency bubble.

New WhatsApp feature will stop reporting your last seen status

Whatsapp is launching new security features that allow you to have more granular control over who can and cannot see certain account details.

O Affected settings on your WhatsApp account (opens in new tab) are Profile Picture, About Description, and Last seen status. Now you can decide who among your contacts can see these three details. Last seen control, in particular, is a functionality that is in the works. since november 2021. This level of control is being expanded to the other two settings.

hidden details

Edifier’s new true wireless headphones promise noise-canceling CD-quality sound

Bookshelf speaker specialist Edifier has updated its wireless noise-canceling NeoBuds Pro headphones with a new version: the NeoBuds Pro S. The biggest difference is that they bring Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Sound technology to the party. .

The original NeoBuds Pro made some noise with support for high-resolution audio codecs such as LDAC and LHDC, along with noise cancellation for a decidedly mid-range price.

Discord AutoMod will stop harmful language and instantly block people for spreading it

Discord is adding a new tool for moderators to prevent harmful messages from appearing on its platform and is expanding its Premium Membership subscription.

The harmful language tool is called AutoMod and was revealed in a Power Rangers Chicken Parody on YouTube (opens in new tab). Despite the silliness of the ad video, AutoMod (opens in new tab) It’s a pretty important update that will help lighten the load on platform moderators, especially if they have to run a massive server.

automatic protection

New Amazon Fire TV Review Simplifies Discovery and Search

Several video streaming platforms have their advocates, with Roku and Apple TV hardware, along with Google’s Chromecast, often getting the nod from viewers. But Amazon’s Fire TV continues (and cube and TV) are also big players in the streaming landscape and have the distinct advantage of integration with the ever-popular Amazon Alexa for everything from voice search to smart home automation.

took down the Fire TV platform in previous reviews for having a somewhat cluttered and ad-filled interface. Another Fire TV complaint: its search feature displayed unrelated content and also aggressively directed viewers to purchase options on Amazon Prime Video. Amazon must be paying attention, because it has just released a series of enhancements that aim to streamline the appearance of the Fire TV interface by improving its search function.

16TB M.2 NVMe SSDs Won’t Arrive Anytime Soon – Here’s Why

Sabrent has confirmed that it is ready to launch its first 16TB (and likely only 2.5-inch) SATA enterprise SSD this summer.

“Back [in December 2020] when this 16TB SSD was announced, shortly afterward, Phison encountered problems with the controller used and canceled the project,” a spokesperson said. Pro.

PayPal Is Preparing For A Fight With Apple Buy Now, Pay Later

PayPal has released an upgrade designed to buy now, pay later (BNPL), offering more attractive amidst stiff market competition.

The payments giant announced that it is expanding its service with a new Pay Monthly plan, which will allow US customers to spread payments over periods of up to 24 months.

There aren’t enough game controllers for people with disabilities, but we can help

While video game companies like Microsoft are making headway in developing affordable game controllers like the Xbox Adaptive Controller, there is a lot of work to be done to ensure they are available to everyone who needs them.

enter the The Controller Project, a UK-based organization that is dedicated to modifying 3D print controllers for gamers with physical disabilities. In March, the founder Caleb Kraft make a Twitter call for volunteers with a 3D printer to print any mods on the site and send them to players in need.

New Microsoft 365 service gives you a better way to protect all your devices

Microsoft has announced an expansion of its software subscription package that should help users better protect their various devices from cyber threats.

As described in a new blog post (opens in new tab), Microsoft 365 (opens in new tab) Customers will now benefit from a service called Microsoft Defender for Individuals, billed as “a new safety app designed to keep individuals and families safer online.”

Starfield’s character customization is hiding a science easter egg

Last week’s Xbox and Bethesda Showcase both highlighted Starfield’s character creation, and it looks like Bethesda has hidden a tiny easter egg in the system’s sliders.

Following last weekend’s gameplay reveal, fans were quick to dump the details, such as studio head Todd Howard’s confirmation that Starfield will include banking. Seen by u/Pomatomaster at Starfield subreddit (opens in new tab)this eagle-eyed fan has noticed that the character creation sliders look like gel electrophoresis bands.