Huawei will co-develop 4 new EVs – All the details here

Tech giant Huawei Technologies has partnered with Avatr Technology, the cutting-edge smart electric vehicle brand formerly known as Changan NIO, to develop four electric vehicle models by 2025. Avatr also has battery manufacturer CATL on board.

The EV models will be based on CHN, an intelligent platform co-developed by Huawei, Changan and CATL. The brand’s first model, the previously announced Avatr 11, will officially launch on August 8. The Avatr will be equipped with CATL’s well-known cell-to-pack battery technology. The new vehicle will come in two variants — in 555kms and 680kms ranges. The battery voltage is 750 volts, and charging the battery for 200 kilometers can be done in ten minutes.

What Huawei will bring to the table

(Image credit: CATAL)

The new CHN platform is not only intended to refer to ‘China’, but also to the parties involved: C refers to Changan, H to Huawei, and N represents the CATL headquarters in Ningde.

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