This 32-inch TV by Iffalcon is the cheapest Android TV you can get right now

Iffalcon 32F52 32 inch smart TV is now available for Rs. 8,549 on Amazon. It’s one of the cheapest 32-inch smart TVs available right now and the most affordable Android TV on the market.

Iffalcon has been in the Indian smart TV market for a long time. It would be a sub-brand of the renowned TV brand TCL if you didn’t know, and it has an extensive lineup of smart TVs on the market.

Iffalcon 32F52 TV: Key Features and Specifications

(Image credit: Iffalcon)

Iffalcon 32F52 smart TV has an HD ready display with 720p resolution and 60Hz refresh rate. The TV supports HDR content and supports micro dimming. The TV comes with a dual stereo speaker setup, with support for Dolby Audio.

This is an Android TV, unlike some pseudo smart TVs you might find on this budget, like the Realme Smart TV Neo. It is based on Android TV 9 and comes with all the features and functionality you want from a smart TV. It supports Chromecast built-in and has voice search support.

Another thing you would get with Android TV is support for the Play Store and the whole suite of apps you can download. Unlike pseudo smart TVs, which support a limited number of apps, you can install any app you want on your TV.

Other Iffalcon TVs are also available at irresistible deals.

Since the start of the Amazon Great Indian Festival, TVs from various brands have arrived at great deals. Just like the 32-inch TV we featured above, other TV sizes from this brand are available at great prices. Let’s take a look at them.

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